Manjunath Guruji:

Founder and Head,
Shri Manjunatha Astrology & Vastu Gurukula

This Gurukula is run by Vedic Astrologer, and Jaimini Scholar, Jyotishya Vastu Pandit Shri MANJUNATH GURUJI. Sir Conducts online and offline classes worldwide. This website runs parallel in Knowledge Sharing platforms like with Facebook page – Shri Manjunatha Astrology and Vastu Gurukula – E and MKH AstroVastu1 Youtube Channel. The motive of this Gurukula is to make people learn of Jyotishya, Nadi, Numerology Vastu, Yoga, Spirituality to make proper awareness. Here we teach information about all matters about these studies with sir’s own teaching knowledge and discussions also held with Fellow Like-minded people who are in the research of the Subject.

Shri MANJUNATH GURUJI being 20+ Years of experience in astrology and spirituality training had dealt with all sorts of students worldwide and fulfilled the student’s thirst for knowledge and guided them. By the grace of God all were happy with their doubts solved by taking sir’s online n offline sessions which we suggest new students take up courses with our AstroVastu Training Center.

Anil Guruji:

Head, Nadi Department
Shri Manjunatha Astrology & Vastu Gurukula

Anil Kashyap Born in a traditional Brahmin family having the lot of knowledge with Vedas and Puranas. Has completed his course in Vedic and Nadi Astrology from reputed Institute in the Bangalore, and started his passion in a teaching field of astrology. He has done many Parihar Pooja Homa for the clients, all are result oriented. He had a huge 10+ experience in dealing with the clients with the Nadi system of astrology with client satisfaction all over the country. He has taught many students under him with the Nadi Astrology.

He has made students to learn Nadi Astrology in easy manner. And he is specialised in teaching subjects deep rooted nadi which involves Nadi gruha Vastu, Nadi Numerology, nadi muhurta, Nadi prashna Shastra, Nadi shakuna Shastra, Nadi yantra writing, stock market Astrology, marriage Astrology, election Nadi Astrology, signaturology etc.,

Chi VijayRaj:

Head, Vastu Department
Shri Manjunatha Astrology & Vastu Gurukula

Vastu Aacharya Chiranjeevi Vijay Raj is born in traditional Hindu family, having lot of knowledge with the panchabhutas and energies. Has completed his course in a Vedic vastu and scientific Vastu. He is expert in building biology. He has all sort clients with their problems remedies done scientifically, and they are satisfied. Clients all over the country  has been approaching him to solve their Vastu problems.

Sir has taught around 10000+ students till the date and has disciplines all around the country. His way of teaching easy easy understandable and applicable to the normal conditions. Student start under him has made their own way of earning with the sir valuable guidance. And he has been researching day by day many new ways in the Vastu to teach and to implement and to make learn for the students in a easy manner. He has opted his teaching due to his passion.